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Empreintes des pilotes du Mans
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2008 Centenial official engraving photos

Extraordinary engraving photos with unknown photographs and texts

Hunaudieres horse track engraving photos
with 4 photos, including:

. the counter-weight pulling up operation, before the very first WRIGHT FLYER launching in Europe, by famous personnalities including Leon BOLLEE, the only time for him;
. the very first WRIGHT FLYER take-off in the middle of Hunaudieres Horse Track on 8th August 1908 at 6.25 PM;
. the first Wilbur WRIGHT - the 'birdman' - flight above the airfield with the WRIGHT shed and horse track stands behind the scene;
. the photograph of Wilbur WRIGHT and Leon BOLLEE during their first meeting of 8th June 1908 before Leon BOLLEE automobile factory, Paris avenue in le Mans, France.
(photos sourcing: private collections from USA & France)
...and texts from Wilbur WRIGHT letters to his brother Orville
(sourcing: Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., USA)

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